Decorative Mushrooms

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Amanita Muscaria

Take a cue from spring foragers and bring the lush woodland carpet to the dinner table. Assorted mushrooms, including cremini, Trumpet Royale, honshimeji, and enoki, rise from a bed of cushion moss and lend an unexpected touch of whimsy. A wide ironstone tureen showcases the arrangement and helps anchor it among the table's place settings.

Moss and Mushrooms How-To Cushion moss is available from florists. If you use moss from your yard, return it to its natural spot after you disassemble the arrangement.


1. Line the vessel with plastic wrap to protect the surface, and then add some chicken wire for support.

2. Lay pieces of moss on top of wire, lining up seams and forming a mound.

3. Insert 1 end of a toothpick into a mushroom stem, and then insert the other end into the moss. Repeat with more mushrooms, varying placement for a natural appearance (avoid rows). Mist the moss daily. Mushrooms will keep 1 to 2 days, and moss may last several weeks.

Muscari and Moss Individual arrangements of cushion moss and muscari blooms make a grand impression when grouped en masse. These rustic wooden cachepots, reminiscent of tree stumps, enhance the natural theme.

Muscari How-To


1. For an even cut, group the muscari stems in your hand and trim with floral scissors, or slice on a cutting board using a knife.

2. Fill a glass vase with tepid water, and set it in a wooden cachepot;

3. Arrange muscaris inside. Position moss to conceal the vase. Mist moss daily; midway through the week, trim ends of muscaris and change water.

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